Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's all in the Details

Weeks and weeks have passed. Which, believe it or not, I have no control over this thing called time. Time is a finicky thing that can only be mastered by the best of us thus leaving the rest of the population to roll around in it as if it were a massive pile of mud.  Layers and layers muck cling onto you (very much like the sticky snow of the snow ball), and when you finally get the opportunity to stand up and dust yourself off, you think, "huh...where did all this mud come from?"

I too have been a prisoner of time--at least for the past few months. So, you must be thinking, what has this college graduate been up to for the past few months? If you aren't thinking this, you should be. I am a very awesome person to know.  Contrary to popular belief, I haven't become famous, and I certainly haven't reached the ultimate stardom after college graduation--obtaining the job of my choice (well this isn't 100% accurate, but I will tell you about that soon).

For all those current college graduates, be realistic. A job won't fall in your lap right after you snatch up your diploma (for those lucky few that do get a job, congrats). You're CRAZAY if you think it happens that way.  Start making connections today! TODAY! You will thank me for this later.

Any-who, I've had some really awesome adventures since graduation (which was of course in Dec 2010), so I'm gonna give you the highlights:

  1. I got engaged in November! I'm almost halfway into the wedding planning process; its been a blast!  You can catch up on my crazy-other persona at thefunctionalbridetobe.blogspot.com (chances are you will find more posts from me under this blog until after marriage time in October).
  2. My Mother got hitched last December, so my sister and I flew to Kentucky to enjoy the merriment.  We now have a new step father named Smith.
  3. Somewhere along the way, I became a substitute teacher...I haven't subbed yet, but my name is out there, and I've been waiting for my first call!
  4. I had an adventure in Mexico with Ryan and his family to end the year of 2011.  The food, the people, the land, the animals--everything was AMAZING!
  5. I started to take guitar lessons. If not now then when?  Don't make excuses for yourself!  Get out there and do something new.  Something that you haven't tried. I guarantee you won't regret exploring new and unmet challenges!
  6. To start off the new year, I job hunted like a crazy person.  After weeks and weeks (more like two months)...
  7. I got an internship in Sebastopol with an awesome company called MAKE! This is my third week with this company, and I love it!  
As a writer, the stories I choose to write about are all in the details.  The decisions and life directions that I choose today are a direct correlation with my choice to graduate from college (and my sheer desire to always remain AWESOME). The past few months have definitely been crammed with a fluctuation of crazy and cool thus spinning me to this point right here and now.  I am really excited for what this year has to bring--especially because the year has gotten past all of the fluffy bits (and chances are you won't be writing 2011 on your checks).  

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