Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prelude-The Simple Complexity of a New Blogger

After tossing and turning on a blow-up mattress last night—I resolved to construct a blog. The thoughts seemed to jumble in a clump of fur, and all I wished to do was extract them from my brain. I had thought about blogging before (partially because it was one of my assignments my last semester at SSU); however, my motivation to create this tiny monster was the result of reading both Hailey Vincent and Keri Billig’s enticing blogs (which I both find enjoyable and highly entertaining). 

For those who may be wondering about the title of my new blog—I’m not quite sure what it means yet; however, I feel as if it reflects how I am feeling about my life up to this point in time—that and I’ve just graduated college. My blogs may be filled with my thoughts and concerns or just the events that have occurred throughout the course of my day.  In all of its simple glory, I want it to be entertaining for my audience. So, you may find the genre--at times--change from simple stories, pictures of my day, ext.

As a developing writer, fear has continuously snuck into my work. I find that the beast has a way of creating it’s own words. My fingers don’t type what I want them to type and my work turns into mush and fluff. I feel if there is an illusion of safety with the blogging world. I swear to type this blog with the omission of fear to the best of my ability. I am certain, however that I am going to be as accurate with my thoughts, my past and my present accounts as I can possibly be. If you, my reader, have any other questions for me, please, please, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. Yay! Congrats on taking the first and scary step into the blog world! Honesty & omission of fear are a good start :) I look forward to reading more! and thanks for the shout out!